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This is the time of the year

This is the perfect time to help support local artists and artisans and at the same time, simplify your Christmas shopping. A local artist’s CD or painting or other works, tickets to their show, or gift certificates for one-on-one courses are examples and are wonderful gifts to give and to receive! We all know people who paint, play and/or perform, etc. and by encouraging them, we help them gain public recognition while promoting local culture and home-grown talent.

Here are some exemples:


Music:  Nicole Ratté - When somebody thinks you're wonderful

Mark Furgeson - The Next Chapter

Mike Tremblay -

Tim Bedner - Of Light and Shadows

Dave Quessy - 1001 moments

Dominique Forest - C'est à moi

Elise Letourneau - The Long and Winding Road

Janie Renée - Les valises

Bianca Basso - I Love

Jozée Devoua - Jazz Winterlude


Music and Singing Lessons:

Sylvie Duchesneau -

             Nicole Ratté

Tim Bedner

Elise Letourneau 


Painting and Sculpture:

Carl Gosselin

Danielle Blais-Vermette

Josée Allain

Claude Wauthier



Sebastien Lavallée – Event and corporate

Lilifoto - Studio: Portrait and creative

Marie-Ève Séguin – Family and newborn

Photography Lessons: Ottawa School of Arts



France Rivest - Sur les traces d'Abraham Ulrikab

Louise Tanguay – Jewels of Hawaii (and other photo books)



Anik Laliberté - La belette verteCreation and fabrication of long-lasting eco products

Daniel Poirier – custom jewellery


This is but a sampling of the very talented people I know. I’m certain you know others as well who would be very happy to have you encourage them and show your appreciation of their craft. And as far as I’m concerned, I offer gift certificates for family portrait sessions, for artistic and creative sessions and for one-on-one workshops. And of course, you can also obtain a copy of my CD “Portrait intime” by emailing me at to get an actual CD or by clicking here for the digital version. I hope your holiday season is happy and wonderful and spent with the special people in your life. Thank you for encouraging our local artists and artisans! It means so much to us.