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I'm a Photographer

Why am I a photographer? I’ve always had a hard time putting this into words.

I attended Photo Coach Training given by André Amyot. It was really great. On top of everything else, he even helped me find the words to answer this question. So here goes!

Look at this photo: I shot it several years ago. It’s a photo of my mother a few months before she passed away. On the photo, we can’t see the wood stove on her right or the refrigerator on her left but I know they’re there. You see, she was the mother of eleven children and she basically spent a large part of her life in that very spot preparing all the meals required to feed such a large brood of hungry mouths. For me, this photo really represents the essence of my Mom: a dedicated mother who was passionate when it came to her family and who avoided the spotlight–preferring to stay a bit more in the shadows, but always very generous with her ‘light’.

If someone were to offer me an enormous sum of money for this photo requiring that I relinquish it completely–never to see it again, I’d say no with no hesitation. Someone could ask ‘Why refuse? It’s only a grouping of pixels, an image on a computer monitor or printed on paper, nothing much.’ But when I look at this photo, it does so much more. I find myself swept away by an enormous feeling of gratitude and love. I go back in time and remember thousands of moments spent in that house and find myself tearing up, overcome with emotion.

So why am I a photographer? For what it brings me, and it brings me so much, in so many ways.

Not for the trip of getting to use (read: play) with nifty equipment; not for the power-trip of ‘controlling your subjects’ and certainly not for the opportunity to show off with me saying ‘look at my great photos’. It’s never been and never will be about any of that.

Photography captures moments in time and helps keep our past ‘present’. I’m not saying we should dwell on the past but our lives are made up of many moments that make us who we are. I’m a photographer so we can remember and relish the life that has been lived. I hope I’m able to bring that to my clients.

I’m a photographer.



Claude Brazeau MAP (Maître des arts photographiques) est un photographe de mariage et portraitiste d’Ottawa qui a remporté plusieurs prix. Il est membre du PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) et détient des accréditations dans quinze catégories. Parmi les prix reçus, il y a entre autres :

- International - Bronze Medalist Professional Photographers of America 2014 International Photographic Competition

- Canada - Best in Class Portrait - 2014

- Ontario - Best in Class Portrait - 2013

- Ontario - Photographe portraitiste de l'année - 2013

- Ontario – Photographe portraitiste de l’année – 2011

- Ontario – Meilleure photo dans la catégorie ‘Beaux-Arts

- Ontario – Préférée du juge

- Ontario – Préférée du public

- Ontario – Photographe portraitiste de l’année – 2010

- Ontario – Meilleure photo dans la catégorie ‘Photo de mariage de style photojournaliste’

- Canada – Meilleure photo dans la catégorie ‘Photo de mariage de style photojournaliste’

Pour plus de renseignements au sujet du PPOC, du MAP, des accréditations et prix


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